vRealize Operations Manager upgrade

I recently upgraded vRealize Operations Manager from 6.0.1 to 6.6.1. Although the steps are pretty simple, I thought I would share them.

The upgrade was done in 2 Batches which is the required procedure as per the linked VMware KB below.

Stage 1: Upgrade form 6.0.1 to 6.3.1
Stage 2: Upgrade from 6.3.1 to 6.6.1

As I am using the vROPs Appliance I downloaded below files.



It is recommended to take a VM snapshot with memory and avoid Quiesing before you begin.

Take the cluster offline and proceed with upgrade, as long as the cluster is offline there will be no data collection. You might want to export any Custom policies, alerts etc. before you upgrade so that you can import them back after the upgrade has been successful.

Each Stage has 2 parts.

  • Operating System Upgrade
  • Upgrade Virtual Appliance

The 1st file to be uploaded is the OS.pak file, if the file upload reports that the file has already been installed you can check the option install the PAK file even if it is already installed.

It is very critical that we apply the OS upgrade first and then the appliance upgrade.
In case the Appliance upgrade is done 1st you will have to revert the snapshot or follow the below KB.


The upgrade is performed from software update from the admin console.






The appliance reboots multiple times throughout the whole upgrade process.



After upgrade is successful, login to the user interface and explore the new dashboards and other features.

Among multiple new features and the new look and feel of the product, you will realize that the plugin from vSphere Web client which redirected to the vRealize operations for a vSphere object has disappeared.

It’s something which has been removed in vRealize Operations Manager 6.6

Check the release notes below:


vCenter Mob after upgrade(reporting old version)


Follow the article to remove the plugin from vCenter MOB


Hopefully VMware will put the feature back, as it was quite handy…

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